Physical and Metallurgical Testing

Numerous customers world-wide use SGA's experience in characterizing and optimizing the product quality of ores and agglomerates. The physical and metallurgical testing of ores and agglomerates as blast furnace or direct reduction burden consists of a wide variety of specific individual tests. All national and international (ISO) standardized tests and procedures are available and in operation:

  • Crushing strength of pellets
  • Tumble strength
  • Decrepitation of ores
  • Disintegration of blast furnace and direct reduction feedstock
  • Reducibility of blast furnace and direct reduction feedstock
  • Reduction under Load
  • Swelling of pellets
  • Clustering/sticking tendency of direct reduction feedstock
  • Metallization of direct reduction feedstock


An extensive database exists for the chemical, physical and metallurgical properties of lump ores, pellets and sinter for more than 35 years. This database is continuously updated.